Weld Qualification

Welding Services :- 

  SOUTHWEST offers a complete welding support services, such as Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Weld Procedure Development, Welding Procedure Qualification record Witnessing (WPQR), Welder Qualification Witnessing (WQR), WPQR Weld Qualification, Welder (Performance) Qualification, Visual examination, Visual Inspection of welds, Non-destructive examination of welds, all mechanical tests, welding machine calibration as required by several standards.please see related services below. 

  •   A welding procedure is a document which details every essential and non-essential variables in the welding process involved to weld a particular type of joint.  A welding procedure contains details of material type, form and shape, welding process, consumables, joint design and preparation, welding current and voltage, polarity, preheat and postheat temperature, travel speed, etc.

  • SWC comprises a team of Metallurgist, Engineers, Welding Engineers and technologist, Welding Supervisors and Inspectors & Non-destructive testing Technologist. The combination of these professionals from different specialty ensures that the welding task is completed efficiently and within shortest duration.

  •    Where you have a requirement for independent verification that welding has been performed to the required specification, our welding specialists provide third party witnessing of weld procedure qualification and welder qualifications.

  •   our welding specialists will certify the welder to an approved weld procedure by monitoring and assessing the welder during the welding process, and submitting the test piece to the lab for the relevant testing required by the applicable code. The certification of a welder is usually valid for two or three years, after which there would be a requirement for re-certification of their Welder Performance Qualification.  you can ensure that your welding procedures and welders are in accordance with statutory legislation and internationally-recognised welding codes; we qualify and certify welding procedures to BS EN ISO 15614  and ASME IX, and welders in accordance with BS EN 287, BS EN IS0 9606, BS 4872 and ASME IX.