Supplier Audit

Our second party audit ( Supplier Audit ) solutions ensure you that your organization and partners are maintaining and improving the quality standards you have set for them. Our auditors not only develop the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization, but are also immediately operational at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop equivalent internal resources.

Wherever you are located, in as many locations as you may need, our auditors will challenge themselves to deliver that extra benefit that has made Southwest the world’s preferred certification body and independent assessor.

Protect your organization’s services, brands and reputation by monitoring the adherence of your vendors to your quality requirements, we will ensure:

  • Your quality standards requirements are consistently met
  • Your brand equity is retained; and
  • Your company vision and values are promoted and validated throughout your supply chain.
What is Supplier Audit ?

Selection of Audit Process (Criteria) during the agreement determines the supplier audit scope, to check the effectiveness of implementation of procedures and processes, agreed by supplier, within supplier’s organization Supplier Audit is conducted. Supplier audit demonstrates the ability of a supplier and the commitment of its management to its policies and procedures. All the quality and management (QHSE) related aspects can be agreed part of supplier audit but the most influenced stage is Non conformance in manufacturing process that effects most. Supplier audits are analyses that are done to document the relationship between different organizations to verify compliance of a supplier’s products and processes.

Supplier audit can be the requirement of  organization’s quality management system standard (ISO 9001-2008, FDA CFR Part 820,FDA CFR Parts 210 and 211) , required by Internal Procedures of organization or can be Customer Requirements. Whichever requiring Supplier Audit the benefits of this audit is regardless tha has becoming more important in the globalization of business.