• Our specialized Preventive maintenance servers are as below 

  • LPG leak Detector​ – Gas leakage, solenoid cut off and Emergency stop system to be
    checked thoroughly. Gas leakage panel alarm check required.

  • Earth Pit Electrical Safety Inspection​ – Earth electrode condition and earth resistance
    ohms value to be checked with Megger test. (Oms value less than 5 ohms)

  • Lightning Arrester Electrical Safety Inspection​ – Aerial Antenna and fuse earthing continuity needs to be checked with Multimeter and LP earth pit resistance ohms value
    to checked with Megger test (Oms value less than 1 oms).

  • Water Feature Fountain Electrical Safety Inspection​ – Check with Fluke and
    Multimeter. Plant room motor drive electrical termination, circulation pump drive,
    electrical control panel wire, earthing and ELCB tripping system check

  • Revolving Door Inspection​ Passenger Safety ​- Revolving door used for passenger access
    only. Check visual inspection wings Glass condition, Functional test speed, control
    system, sensor primary & secondary distance cut off , Emergency stop push button and
    Emergency exit fire system

  • Sliding Door Inspection​ – Electrical Safety ​- Door Sensor Cut off distance, door opening
    closing speed control, Emergency stop system, Emergency fire system Door drive and
    belt condition check.

  • Motorized shutter door Inspection ​- Door opening & closing, Door sensor, manual
    release brake system, Emergency stop system and Emergency fire system test check.

  • Emergency lighting system Inspection ​- Check all the floor Emergency light, Exit signs
    and battery drive controller system check.

  • Linen chutes Inspection​ – Laundry chute & Garbage chute.

  • Jacuzzi bath tub Electrical Inspection​ – Electrical control system, and earth leakage test
    and ELCB tripping system check.

  • Thermography inspection​ – Electrical safety test with fluke infrared test.