Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Why to chose us

Southwest is leader in providing NDT testing services in UAE and other parts of the world with our broad expertise and knowledge in NDT testing techniques and procedures. All of our NDT testing services are carried out with a focus on impartiality, integrity, and commitment on providing you with the most reliable NDT processes available today.

Global foot print of South West, with the branches at various parts of the world, which enable us to serve our clients more promptly. In addition, our proficient inspectors are holder of CDC/ Seamen Book, Offshore safety certificate, BOSIET to serve offshore and marine clients

Areas we serve:-

  • Offshore structures/platforms
  • Drilling Rigs/Ships
  • Wind carriers Ships
  • Container ships
  • Dredging vessels
  • Floating storage and production unit (FPSO)
  • Mobile offshore and production unit (MOPU),
  • Barges
  • Diving supply vessels
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Pontoons and bridges
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Oil and gas bulk plants and terminals
  • Power plants
  • Storage tanks and associated facilities
  • Pipe lines
  • Building towers

Benefits of NDT :-

Trustworthy performance of a component or structure depends on pre-service quality of the component and in-service degradation of the component under operating conditions. The role of non-destructive Testing (NDT) in ensuring pre-service quality and also monitoring in-service degradation to avoid premature failure of the components/structures is ever increasing. There are many NDT techniques based on various physical principles. The end objective of NDT is detection and characterization of anomalies such as defects, stresses and microstructural degradations in materials. This is accomplished by establishing correlation between a nondestructively measured physical/derived parameter and quantitative information on defects/stresses/microstructures. The NDT information together with design parameters are taken into consideration for evaluation of integrity and life assessment of the components/structures.