Lifting Gear Inspection

Lifting gear inspection means a visual and physical checking by a competent person to examine the condition of lifting gear under the criteria of applied international standards and/ or local law. Lifting Gear inspection is carried out to find out whether any subjective item having abnormal wear and tear, malfunction, corrosion, dislocation, visual cracks, misalignment, or elongation etc and if necessary to arrange for subsequent remedial actions such as repair and replacement of the defective parts, or to stop the lifting gear from further use if a critical condition exists. The safety and reliability of a lifting gear cannot be ensured unless it has received regular inspections.

lifting gear inspection is particularly important because it provides a useful means of detecting potential hazards which could contribute to accidents. Regular lifting gear inspection can also to put on wise to the owner about necessary preventive maintenance or repair.

SWC, with its multi skilled team of inspector engineers who are competence to carry out various Inspection (e.g visual inspection, thorough inspection, load test) on different scopes/ types of Equipment/ Gear, provides to all the customers a one stop solution instead of downtime and bed space issues. SWC has the ability to respond positively to customer needs at short notice with its well equipped management. SWC performs lifting equipment and lifting gear inspections worldwide. Through our devoted facilities in UAE, We are strategically positioned to offer a service that fits our Customer’s needs.

We are well equipped to Carried out proof load testing & examinations  for slings and other lifting gear/device with our qualified personnel, who identify potential abnormalities, fortify proper handling and storage, ensure compliance with applied safety standards and legal requirements (e.g CoP 34.0). A written inspection report is provided following each inspection.

1- Beam Clamps & Beam Trolleys.
2- Pad Eyes.
3- Pallet Stackers.
4- Chain Slings.
5- Plate Clamps.
6- Rigging Screws.
7- Shackles.
8- Sheave Blocks.
9- Webbing Slings.
10-Wire Ropes, Wedge Sockets.
12-Slot Webbing.
13-Steel Clamp.
14-Turn Buckle.
15-U Clamps.