HACCP certification in Dubai

HACCP, which is an acronym for the Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points, can be important to your fulfillment with national and worldwide food safety legislation. It offers a risk derived approach, which supports the standards of other management systems across the food business. It also summarizes high-quality manufacturing processes for all food segments and can be vital to your business when participating in global trade. Our HACCP certification in Dubai is particularly appropriate for primary manufacturers, producers, processors and food service suppliers.

HACCP Certification in Dubai

Why should you have a HACCP certification for your food business?

An HACCP scheme will allow you to make out risks and put the controls in a position to handle these risks effectively all through your supply chain during the manufacturing process. The system meets the necessities of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is set up by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization to bring together global food standards, codes of practice, and principles to ensure a reasonable trade. Our HACCP certification in Dubai can be used, as well, to support the necessities of management standard needs.

Processes involved in our HACCP certification:

Processes involved in our HACCP certification are quite simple. Once we received your application, our dedicated customer manager will steer you and your food business through three easy-to-follow steps that include:

Pre-evaluation: This is a non-obligatory pre-evaluation service, through which we will conduct a close analysis of your current food safety management system to confirm whether it fulfills the requirements of the HACCP system. If anything is lacking, we will give you the necessary counsel to improve it before we undertake an official evaluation, thus, saving you money and time.

Official evaluation: Our Official evaluation process for the certification will include two phases. During the first phase, we will assess the attentiveness of your business for evaluation through verifying whether the required HACCP practices and controls have been followed. We will discuss the facts of our verdicts with you so that if we hit upon any nonobservance, you can fix them. If all the necessities are exactly followed, then we will assess the execution of the procedures and controls in your business to certify that they are functioning efficiently according to the requirements of the certification.

During and after certification: When you have come out successfully from our official evaluation, you will get a three-year validity HACCP certificate. Your customer manager will be in continuous touch with you during this three-year period, visiting your business regularly to ensure that your food management system is constantly improving and it does not have any breach of the HACCP system.

How does our HACCP certification benefit you?

Our HACCP certification in Dubai has been designed according to the global standard, embracing the necessities for efficient control of food protection. It is based on those principles to offer you the required benefits that include:

  • It has been designed to investigate all types of food risks, including chemical, biological, and physical.
  • Important control points can be easily determined.
  • With our certification, a system can be established to have better control over the important control points.
  • You can set up curative actions.
  • You can establish a procedure to verify that your HACCP system is functioning efficiently.

Whether you are at the beginning stage of the HACCP certification process, have plans to transfer or just want to have a detailed discussion about the available options for your food business, get in touch with our professional team that will steer you through the process of getting an HACCP certification in Dubai.