Elevator – Escalator

Elevator – Escalator is high-tech equipment which must function safely.
Modern life would be inconceivable without Elevator – Escalator. They ensure comfortable passenger transport in multi-story residential buildings or offices and safe and rapid control of passenger flows in airports or railway stations.
If you operate Elevator – Escalator, you are also responsible for their safety.
A quality assurance program spanning the entire construction process helps builder-owners and property developers observe all relevant quality standards and order specifications. This minimizes defects, malfunctions or failures, prevents unnecessary costs and avoids personal injuries from Elevator – Escalator.
We are offering:
  • Assessment of the correct adjustment of the safety gears (no test weights required)
  • Quantitative determination of the traction (no test weights required)
  • Recording of speed/time and instance/time diagrams
  • Determination of deceleration profiles or ravel quality characteristics
  • Verification of the function of the re-leveling device (hydraulic Elevator – Escalator – no test weights required)
  • Judgement on the adjustment of hydraulic safety valves
  • Recording of pressure / time diagrams
  • Correct measurement of actual physical values (mass of car and counterweight, rated speed, travel distance, etc.)
  • Determination of kinetically properties of elevator doors.
  • Periodical Inspection services
Your Advantages:
Generally, the methodology used by southwest is cost and time effective which is beneficial to its customers. All measuring results are determined with high accuracy and traceable up-to-date documentation. Modern measuring procedures enable experts to conclude qualified technical statements, to identify wear and defects in an early stage as well as in-use condition and thus help to extend the availability and life-time of technical plants and installations.

Elevator – Escalator Inspection Services:

Southwest is offering you comprehensive and qualified testing, certification and advisory services for Elevator – Escalator. You will get the best experts and state of the art services in the City at the most convenient prices. All the personnel of southwest is highly competent to carry out the inspection of Elevator – Escalator. Southwest is accredited from  
we help you live up to your responsibility!