BS EN 16001 – Energy Management System

Increasing your energy efficiency requires the identification of where energy is used, where it is wasted and where any energy saving measures will have the most effect. BS EN 16001:2009 – Energy Management System helps you to do this by taking the form of requirements and guidance intended to help you reduce both costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is achieved by helping you develop and implement an energy management system, which includes policy and objectives that take into account legal or other specific requirements and information about their significant energy aspects. BS EN 16001:2009 – Energy Management System is intended to apply to all types and sizes of organisations and can be integrated with, or used independently of, any other management system. The structure of BS EN 16001 – Energy Management System is similar to that of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 published by ISO. The level of detail and complexity of individual energy management systems will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the organisation, the scope of its energy management system and the nature of its activities and products or services. The same is true of the documentation and resources required to implement the energy management system. The standard itself comprises both the requirements include the need for an official, publicly available energy policy which includes a commitment for achieving improved energy performance; the identification and review of an organisation’s energy aspects which highlight those elements of an organisation’s activities, goods or services that can affect energy usage or energy consumption, as well as its legal obligations.

For which type of organizations BS  EN 16001  Energy Management System might be beneficial?

Any organization that uses energy ( Manufacturers, IT operations, airports, heavy equipment operations, food processors, and chemical and pharmaceutical plants etc ) can benefit from implementing an energy management system within their organizations. In Simple, the greater your energy use, the more you will benefit.